2022 Lunar Year at Vancouver Premium Packaging

Happy Lunar New Year Banner in Gold

At Vancouver Premium Packaging we wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year 2022 and Spring Festival. May this year bring you and your family abundance of health, prosperity and happiness.

As we enter this Lunar New Year, we'd like to thank our loyal clients who have helped us grow and reach for even higher standards every day.

We'd like to join you in celebrating your success and congratulate you for a year of innovation and accomplishments as we move forward.

It's interesting to know that the Lunar New Year is also known as Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, Tet in Vietnamese and Seollal for Korean. Since June 1, 2016 this day is celebrated as an official Holiday in Canada. The exact day for the start of the Lunar New Year will change every year in relation to the Gregorian calendar. In 2022 that first day of the New Lunar Year will start on Jan 31. It means, starting on Feb 1st, twelve rounds of full moons will circle the earth until the next year.

This Joyous Occasion is marked and celebrated in Canada in various ways:

In many cities and provinces parades are organized and streets are lined up with decorations, lanterns, and Asian food samples.

Lion or Dragon Dance is a traditional performance that is loved by all. A puppet of a dragon or a lion is made in red, gold, green and other colors. Performers wearing the puppet or holding it up on a stick will walk it through the town. It is accompanied by beating drums, cymbals and gongs while a row of performers dance the dragon down the path; they might stop by different establishments for good luck. The elaborate and colorful costumes bring joy and happiness to the hearts of spectators, and a touch of tradition to many, especially the Asian folks.

In traditional sense, this dragon or lion gets rid of devil and brings good luck. We can all use some more good luck and less devil! The Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days.

eight Performers holding up a dragon with using stick, they each move synchronously to make the dragon appear as dancing
Dragon Dance on the streets

But perhaps the most cherished custom during the celebrations around the New Lunar Year is that at this time there are many family visits.. Elderly is honored by younger generation who will be visiting and showing respect, and then the celebration is completed with gift exchange.

A woman, a boy, a man sitting next to each other on a red couch and  a girl on the man's lap. They are wearing traditional Chinese clothes in colors o of Red and Gold, the place is decorated with a hanging lantern and some candles
Family Celebrating Chinese New Year
Mother or Grandmother exchanges gifts with young boy in traditional Chinese Clothes in Red and Gold Colors
Lunar New Year Gift Exchange

Regardless of background and culture, the New Lunar year marks the beginning of a fresh set of four more seasons ahead. So, lets take this opportunity, celebrate the New Lunar Year together, join the festivities in our towns and begin to achieve and surpass our goals.

At Vancouver Premium Packaging we too are joining you in celebrating the Lunar New Year, and we look forward to an amazing one! With our intentions set to act purposefully every day to go above and beyond for our customers in order to deliver amazing results.

Vancouver Premium Packaging's unique approach in understanding your needs and specific challenges together with over a decade of experience will allow us to creatively solve the most difficult packaging problems. Our packaging consultants and professional designers work closely together with your team in order to achieve your ideal packaging solution. Like our past clients, you will experience how our products will stand the test of time.

Cheers, To An Amazing Year of Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

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