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Client Success Stories

Explore our 'Client Success Stories' where we showcase our creative journey with our clients, transforming their unique visions into tangible realities. These narratives highlight our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions and custom packaging that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations

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 Bubba's Kitchen 




Pet Food

Bubba's Kitchen, a Vancouver-based business, crafts artisanal pet snacks from sustainable, local ingredients. Born from a need for healthy, tasty treats for their discerning corgis, they now offer a dynamic, ever-evolving collection promoting active, healthy lifestyles for pets.

A New Chapter: The Packaging Makeover of Bubba's Kitchen

Bubba's Kitchen, a start-up in the pet food industry, sought our expertise to redesign their packaging for their artisanal pet snacks. Keen on moving past their earlier generic packaging, they needed a solution that would better highlight their products and boost their brand's visibility.

Tailoring to Unique Client Needs
  • Effectively showcase the brand's identity

  • All consumers to see the product in a unique way

  • All in one packaging solution for two product categories

  • Resealable packaging for product freshness and protection

Crafting Customized Solutions
Group 18 (1).png

Enable easy opening, secure resealing and freshness preservation, enhancing convenience and consumer appeal.

Tear Notch & Zipper
Bottom Gusset

Increase capacity for this size of pouch when compared to a gussetless version while improving stability for display and allows for better product visibility. 

Customized Window

Custom-shaped window in dog food packaging offers visibility, brand differentiation, marketing opportunities, engagement, freshness assurance, and enhances design for customers.

Group 19.png

Offers a premium appearance, enhanced branding, reduced glare, tactile appeal, fingerprint resistance, and versatility in design.

Matte Finish

Offers a premium appearance, enhanced branding, reduced glare, tactile appeal, fingerprint resistance, and versatility in design.

Full Edge Printing
Delivering Success: The Bubba's Kitchen Story

In partnership with Bubba's Kitchen, a startup in the pet food industry, we embarked on a journey to transform their packaging from generic to exceptional. We worked closely with them to understand their unique needs and expectations, which led to the creation of a custom packaging solution that not only beautifully showcased their artisanal pet snacks but also enhanced their brand recognition. The result was a remarkable packaging makeover that amplified Bubba's Kitchen's visibility in the market and contributed to their ongoing success. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to providing customized, effective packaging solutions that elevate our clients' products and brands

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