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VPP Cup background 3d modeling


Takeout bowels and to go drink cups have always been a great way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and gain new customers. We offer full color printing on all our cups bowls, and have a variety of sizes available or can custom manufacture the size you require. Contact our packaging specialist today!

VPP Single Cup

Single Wall Cup

Cost effective solution for your café or coffee shop. Available in any size to suit your business' needs. For hot beverage temperatures, it may need an extra sleeve for easier handling.

VPP Double cup

Double Wall Cup 

The upgraded version of the single wall cup. This cup feels more robust and eliminates the need for a sleeve so you can show off your Brand with pride. 

VPP rigid cup

Ripple Wall Cup

Similar to the double wall cup, the rippled design whether it's vertical, horizontal, or S shaped provides extra surface grip to keep your customer's drink from slipping out of their hands.

VPP icecream cup

Dessert Bowl

Considering dessert is everyone's favorite part of a meal, your brand should be front and center with your customers. Our dessert bowls are coated specifically for cold products, such as ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt.

VPP Food bowl

Food Bowl

Our poly coated food bowls work great with cooked meals, snacks, salads, rice and also soups. They are leak proof and come in many different sizes for all your specific products.

VPP clearcup

Clear Cup

Start building your brand by ordering clear cups with your custom printed logo and design. Whether your selling smoothies, ice coffee or juices, our cups are good for cold or room temperature drinks. 

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