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Packaging Products

Amazing products deserve the best quality packaging. It's the difference between sitting on the shelf and selling out when you launch. 

Why Custom Packaging?

Not just packaging. An experience

Our team creates customer-oriented packaging that goes beyond the norm and targets effective methods to increase your brand's visibility & trust. We build designs and provide different material options that appeal to your customers and stay top-of-mind in an ever-changing marketing environment.

Your brand. Your rules

We support your brand identity and ensure your packaging is in line with your statement & values. Everything that goes into our packaging artwork services and production process, is fully personalized for yourself only. Choose to invest in branded packaging today.

Superior packaging service

When you choose Vancouver Premium Packaging, you invest in adding value to your product. This is why we work hard to offer you the best packaging design services and quality materials that surpass the competition. Our packaging design services and products will be like nothing you've ever seen before.

Our Production Process



Design Confirmation

Whether you send us your team's packaging design or have us create it for you, we will make sure your design files are production ready. You'll get a digital production proof from our team to approve for printing.


Printing Production

Our printing team will check to make sure that any specific spot colors will be match according to the artwork. Your packaging raw material will be printed either using one of the following printing technologies: Indigo Digital Printer, Rotogravure Press, Flexographic Press or Lithographic Printer.

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Production Fabrication

After the printing step, most products will go through a converting process so that your printed raw material will start to take its final form. Pouch bags will get laminated, sealed and cut. Cartons will get cut, folded and glued. Labels will get laminated and diecut. Containers have the only process where it's fabricated prior to printing. 


Quality Assurance

Although quality is controlled and checked throughout the production process, we make sure to do one final inspection after the packaging product is made. We want to make sure everything will be ready before we package and ship it out.  



Delivery Preparation

Our team will make sure all your packaging products are well packed so they survive the journey to your warehouse or production facility. Our third party and in house delivery team will take the most care in shipping your package to you.

Our Packaging Products

  • How do I know what type of pouch is right for my product?
    Our packaging specialist can talk with you 1 on 1 to determine what pouch type could work best for your products based on your objectives.
  • When will my pouch bag order be ready?
    Standard Lead Time: 4-5 weeks (Larger quantities can increase the lead time) Rush Lead Time: 3-3.5 weeks (If available)
  • What are your minimum pouch bag order quantities?
    You can order as little as 500-1000pcs digitally printed pouch bags depending on your specific dimensions and requirements. Our rotogravure/flexographic printed pouch bags quantity start at 5,000pcs.
  • Where can I find your Sustainable & Environmental pouch bag options?
    We have several material options for brands looking for pouch bags that have a sustainable impact on our environment.
  • How are your pouch bags printed?
    We offer both digital and rotogravure/flexographic printing for our pouch bags. The option that works best for you will depend, on your quality, quantity and lead time requirements,
Create Your Packaging Today

Start On Your Ideal Packaging

Our packaging specialist will get in touch within 24hrs so that you spend less time waiting and more time turning your vision into reality.

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