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VPP Carton background 3d modeling


The custom manufacturing of folding cartons eliminates the need for them to be in a cube shape. The application of different finishes, shapes, and features means your packaging can be unique. You can make it open in many ways: side open, top open, lock bottom and more. With the availability of different shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors, this can help you effectively market your product. Contact our packaging specialist today. 

VPP Standard Tuck

Standard Tuck

This popular and adaptable carton box works for a variety of products. It's available in a straight or reverse tuck orientation. The options boundless when you choose this type of box. 

VPP Lock bottom box

Lock Bottom

More secure then a standard tuck, the bottom three panels of this box are built to interlock together. Products that require a single direction opening work really well with this box.

VPP Rigid 2 pieces box

Rigid Boxes

Strong and protective material used for this box is the reason why it's great for delicate products. Clients get a premium solid feeling when they touch this packaging.

VPP mailer box with bg


E-commerce and subscription based products use mailer boxes when companies need a well branded shipping solution. This box format combines style, strength and durability.  

VPP Sleeve


Simple, easy, and adaptable sleeves (boxes without ends) work for many applications. New, limited edition or seasonal products benefit from the customization and added layer of information this packaging provides.

VPP cake box

Bakery Box

Self locking bakery boxes are easy to fit either large cakes or small pastries inside. The easy to open and close lid is extremely convenient. Adding a window, or a custom insert can really add value to your packaging. 

VPP Header card

Header Card

Additional marketing, hang hole option, pairs well with stock pouch bags

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