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Whether your just starting up or you've been running a business for decades, custom printed labels are your products best friend. Labels can provide that extra information needed for your client or be the main focus of your package. Since we know consumers shop with their senses, product packaging and labeling should be attention grabbing while communicating valuable information at the same time. Contact our packaging specialist today. 



This standard material option is the most versatile and popular choice for all kinds of products. 

VPP label_Transparent.jpg


When transparency is important, clear labels help bring the focus back to the product or packaging while still providing key information. 



Shiny metallic labels can highlight information or make your product have that extra pop. 

VPP Label_Paper3.jpg


Luxury and premium paper texture labels can help elevate your brand and product. Popular in industries such as wine, liquor etc. 

VPP label_Holo foil.jpg

Holo Foil

Want something funky? Iridescent holofoil labels can really give your product or brand that extra pop to stand out on the shelf. 

VPP Double layered.jpg

Double Layer

Have bunch of information and need more space on your labels? Two layers of label should be more than enough surface area to meet your regulatory requirements. 

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