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Success Story

Explore our 'Client Success Stories' where we showcase our creative journey with our clients, transforming their unique visions into tangible realities. These narratives highlight our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions and custom packaging that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations

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 Tru Cafe 





Tru Cafe, a Vancouver-based coffee shop where they are true to quality, true to the environment, and true to our community.

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The Branding, Graphic and Packaging Enhancement for Tru Cafe

We provided Branding, Graphic, Packaging Design and Printing Solution for Tru Cafe. They reached out us for the Brand Logo Modification and Packaging Design for their products, packaging and in-store window wrapping design.

Tailoring to Unique Client Needs
  • Variations of Brand Logo Design

  • Consistency of Products and Packaging Design

  • Align the Graphic Design Treatment and create a diversification for their products categories

Crafting Customized Solutions
Flat Bottom Pouch

3 layers of Laminated Plastic material helps the coffee beans to stay fresh for a longer period.

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Tear Handle

Tear-off Zipper Pouch with a Rounded Corners Handle which is easy to open.

Gloss & Matte Finish

Full Colour Printing with a Gloss and Matte Finish to enhance the brand recognition.

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Layer 7.png
Layer 6.png
Coffee Hole

Offers a valve for coffee bean breathing.

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A Heavy-Duty Resealable Zipper is easy to open and reseal.

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Delivering Success: Tru Cafe

Tru Cafe reached out for the branding, graphic, packaging design and printing solution for their coffee shop products and packaging. They want a logo modification, graphic, packaging design and printing solution to enhance their branding recognition for all different products and packaging designs. 

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